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DIY Packets

We've put together documents you would need to file for custody or divorce if you wanted to file and represent yourself on these matters in court. These forms are generally available to the public on the North Carolina Judicial Branch at and downloading them from our website in no way forms or constitutes an attorney-client relationship with our firm or any of our attorneys. These forms are not inclusive of every issue that may come up in your divorce or custody situation. For example, in the case of divorce, these packets do not cover equitable distribution, alimony, or post-separation support. If you are seeking relief for any of those issues, please consult an attorney as there are rights that must be asserted before a divorce judgment is entered. These forms are provided to help you get started on th eprocess but you should consult an attorney if you have questions or need help.

If you would like for our firm to guide you or represent you on these matters, you can schedule a family law consultation  here

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