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A Law Firm That Meets You Where You Are.

At Smith Dominguez, PLLC we go beyond legal services – we meet you where you are in life. Let us be your trusted partner as we collaboratively:

  • Craft estate plans that safeguard and celebrate your legacy.

  • Ignite, nurture, and shield your business and brand as they flourish.

  • Compassionately navigate you through divorce, custody, and family matters.

  • Guide you and represent you in personal injury cases and

  • Provide expert assistance with traffic tickets and criminal law matters.

Discover legal support tailored to your journey. At Smith Dominguez, PLLC, we meet you where you are, ensuring your unique needs are not just met, but exceeded.

A picture of Alexia Dominguez and Ayeshinaye Smith, founders of the firm.
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Estate Planning

Wills, Trusts, Advance Directives, Succession Planning Strategy Sessions, Estate Administration, and Special Needs Planning.

Business Law & Brand Protection

Business Formation, Planning and Strategy, Contract Drafting and Negotiations, Business Transactions, Trademarks, and Virtual General Counsel.

Family Law

Prenuptial Agreements, Divorce, Separation and Property Agreements and Negotiations, Equitable Distribution, and Child Custody.

Personal Injury

Worker's compensation, automobile accidents, dog bites

Traffic Tickets 

Family Law

Navigating life's transitions with confidence and compassion.

Our experienced legal team specializes in providing comprehensive services for various family matters, including skilly crafted Prenuptial Agreements, compassionate guidance through Divorce and Separation, skillful negotiations for Property Agreements, Equitable Distribution experience, and dedicated support in matters of Child Custody. Trust us to safeguard your interests and guide you towards a brighter future. Your peace of mind begins with our commitment to legal excellence.

Estate Planning

Securing your legacy with precision and care.


Our dedicated legal team focuses in a comprehensive range of estate planning services, including expertly crafted Wills and Trusts, compassionate guidance on Advance Directives, tailored Succession Planning Strategy Sessions, meticulous Estate Administration, and precise care for Special Needs Planning. Trust us to navigate the complexities of your estate, ensuring a legacy that reflects your wishes. Your peace of mind begins with our commitment to excellence in estate planning.


Empowering your business journey with strategic legal expertise.

Our seasoned legal team offers a suite of services designed to catalyze your success, including seamless Business Formation, Planning and Strategy sessions, precise Contract Drafting and Negotiations, adept handling of Business Transactions, and the convenience of Virtual General Counsel services. Trust us as your legal partner to fortify your business foundation and propel your ventures forward. Your success story begins with our commitment to growth in business law.

and Brand Protection

Elevate your brand with our comprehensive trademarking services.


We focus on thorough trademark searches to ensure your brand is unique and protected. Our team handles the entire registration process, securing your intellectual property. Stay worry-free with our efficient renewal services, and rest assured knowing that your brand is fortified with our dedicated defense strategies. Trust us to safeguard your trademarks, so you can focus on building a lasting legacy. Your brand's protection starts with our commitment to you in trademark law.

Personal Injury

Your path to justice begins here.


Our dedicated team works cases in Personal Injury Law, offering steadfast support in cases of Worker's Compensation, Automobile Accidents, and Dog Bites. We understand the physical, emotional, and financial toll these incidents can take. Count on us to advocate for your rights, navigate complexities, and secure the compensation you deserve. With our commitment to compassionate representation, you can focus on healing while we tirelessly pursue the justice you need. Your journey to recovery starts with our unwavering dedication to personal injury law excellence.

Traffic Tickets

Regain control of the road with our Traffic Ticket Services.

Whether you're facing fines, license points, or increased insurance premiums, our dedicated team is here to help. We specialize in navigating the complexities of traffic violations, providing strategic defense for a range of offenses. From speeding tickets to more serious infractions, trust us to advocate on your behalf, minimizing consequences and keeping you on the road. Your peace of mind on the streets starts with our commitment to skillful representation in traffic law.

Reviewing the Laws
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"Very knowledgeable, helpful and prompt."


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(919) 390-3521

4822 Six Forks Rd,

Raleigh, NC 27609

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