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Payment Options and Fee Structure 





Our goal is to provide accessible legal services. In order to achieve this, we offer a mixed fee structure. 

This is the fee structure that covers a majority of our services. We like to be able to tell our clients, upfront, how much a  service or solution will cost from start to finish as often as possible.

This fee structure covers a portion of our family law matters, estate administration/probate matters, and our consulting services.





This fee structure is reserved for our business/entrepreneur clients. We offer outside general counsel services to startups, businesses and non-profits on a monthly subscription basis.

This fee structure has allowed us to bundle together related services that clients often seek out simultaneously in order to provide maximum value to our clients. 

If you are concerned about payment, you may be eligible for legal fee financing through LawCredit/PayPal. Please let us know if you would like more information. 

If you are a client and would like to make a payment, please click here.

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